The National First Responders Organization, Foundation is committed to the young people of our nation. The young persons in our country are our future First Responders and Heroes of tomorrow. It is important that we realize that they are our feeder system for providing these valuable services of the future.

The National First Responders Organization, Foundation will aggressively support programs that educate, train and develop our young citizens to become interested in either professional careers or becoming volunteers as First Responders to carry on the great traditions and valuable services that our country needs and has grown to depend on. Our organization will look at and support programs such as junior firefighters, police explorers, youth leadership; senior citizen assistance programs involving young volunteers, and other mentoring programs that prepare young candidates for entrance into First Responder programs and careers.

Young people who are involved in community service oriented programs become better citizens. These programs have a direct impact as our children transition into the real world and prepare for the future in the business world and/or the ranks as a First Responder either as a professional or a volunteer.

As part of our mission to create a camaraderie with all First Responders nationally we also strive to create and support programs that that will promote bonding and information sharing within communities nationwide, between the professional and volunteer First Responder services and our young citizens, thereby helping making each community a safer and more pleasant place to live.

“The Youth of Today are Our First Responders of Tomorrow”


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