> To promote the good will and create a common bond among First Responders Nationally and to provide for the good and well being of all First Responders who unselfishly give and render assistance to those in times of need without recognition or personal self gain.

> To create a camaraderie, and a fellowship among all First Responders from all of the First Responder agencies nationally.

> To recognize and act on the needs for all First Responders and to become the voice of all of the great citizens of our country who give their time both professionally and as volunteers who help those in need at all times.

> To render assistance and family support to those First Responders in the event that they are injured or have given the ultimate sacrifice while performing their duties as a First Responder and unselfishly helping others.

> To collaborate and collect and respond to issues important to our Nations first line of defense, the National First Responders.


National First Responders Organization, Foundation:
created for First Respond
ers by First Responders to help First Responders



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