ASSISTANCE: The National First Responders Organization (NFRO) Foundation will provide assistance in any way, form or manner that is needed to ensure the safety, proper training, and the well being of our nation's first line of defense. The NFRO Foundation will become the common voice of all First Responders nationally, specifically with larger organizations, providing peer training and sharing of best practices and helping to implement them at all levels.

TRAINING: The NFRO Foundation believes that training and implementation of best practices is paramount for National security and something on which our National First Responders constantly and consistently need to collaborate. By doing so, we believe that NFRO Foundation can be the catalyst to bring the best practices together.

EQUIPMENT: At NFRO Foundation we realize the need to foster and support research, development, and the utilization of new technologies that become available for the safety of First Responders and our citizens, and to help those organizations who cannot afford the latest and the best equipment.

COMMON GOALS: We believe that the NFRO Foundation will become the worldwide standard and create camaraderie among every First Responder. Our goal is to establish that cohesiveness and unity for First Responders as we work towards the common goal to protect and serve unselfishly for the good of all of our citizens.


FAMILY SUPPORT: First Responders sacrifice their time and their lives every day while performing their duties. Meanwhile, families are left behind hoping that their loved one will return home safe and sound. When a First Responder is injured or gives the ultimate sacrifice, the Family needs support. The NFRO Foundation will be there to provide that support.

RECOGNITION: The NFRO Foundation will recognize those First Responders who have gone beyond the call of duty for their fellow man and who have performed a heroic act without regard for their personal safety and such recognition will only be made without publicizing someone else's misfortune.

SCHOLARSHIPS: The NFRO Foundation will develop criteria and distribute scholarship funds to help foster, educate and insure that the culture and future of the spirit of volunteerism, public safety and community service continues within our country. The current plan calls for a select committee of First Responders and educators to set criteria and review requests for the scholarships. Scholarship grants will be distributed proportionately by the percentages raised and donated by each state.


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